CCC Course Details, Fees, Duration, Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs, Institutes in Varanasi

What is the CCC Course?

This course is intended to target conferring an essential level IT Literacy program for the everyday person. This program has basically been considered with the thought of offering a chance to the everyday person to achieve PC proficiency subsequently adding to expanded and fast PC entrance in various different backgrounds.

Subsequent to finishing the course the officeholder ought to have the option to utilize the PC for essential reasons for setting up his works/business letters, seeing data on the web (the web), getting and sending sends, setting up his business introductions, planning little data sets, and so on This aide the independent venture networks, housewives, and so forth to keep up with their little records utilizing the PCs and appreciate in the realm of Information Technology. This course is, thusly, intended to be more functional situated.

CCC Course Details, Fees, Duration, Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs, Institute in Varanasi
CCC Course Details, Fees, Duration, Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs, Institute in Varanasi

Full Form of CCC Course?

Course on Computer Concepts Is The full Form of CCC.

Why We Need To Learn CCC Course?

PC Knowledge is the most Demanded ability in any Sector of Career. furthermore, CCC is a standout amongst other Skill Fulfillment Courses in Computer. with the information on the CCC Course, individuals can work in Office as Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, Document producer, Computer Office Administrator, Online Internet Operator, Billing Operator, and so on.

Skills in CCC?

In the event that you have any Computer Knowledge, you have different Skills in Computer. In any case, the CCC gives you Most of the Demanded Skills in the Computer Job Sector. with the abilities of CCC People Can make Professional Document, Design Pamphlet, Poster, Flyer, Brochure, ID Card, Entry Card, Document Covers, Data Entry Work, Data Management, Animated Theme Presentation, Online Emails, Social Media, Surfing, Searching, and so On.

Syllabus of CCC Course?

CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) Syllabus:-

1. Fundamental of Computer.

2. Word Processing

3. Spreadsheet

4. Presentation

5. Advance Internet

Applications You’re going to Learn in CCC Class?

In CCC Applications are listed below:-

You can learn and know properly about


Microsoft Word 2019 Latest version

MS Excel 2019 Latest version

MS PowerPoint 2019 Latest version

Advance Internet

CCC Course Fees?

Confirmation Fees for the CCC course are around 6 to 8 thousand. however, in Offer VedantSri gives CCC in Varanasi just 2500/ – Rs. However, in Vedantsri CCC is Free.

Duration of CCC Course?

CCC is a beneficial degree and its duration is 3 months.

Discount in CCC Course?

What’s more, at present, the VedantSri Discount offer is 100% OFF in CCC No Any Fees and furthermore, confirmation Fee is FREE in this offer.

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Extra Free Courses in CCC Course Offer?

There are so many extra free Courses are in CCC:-

1. Typing Training

2. English Spoken Class

3. Personality Development

4. CTT Training

Facilities in CCC Course?

There are many facilities in the CCC Classes:-

1. Projector Screen Classroom

2. 4-ways Technique

5. Online Blog Support

3. Project-Based Training

6. Free Courses Training

4. Online Test Facilities

7. CTT Internship Training

What is the Courses Category of the CCC Course?

The courses Category of CCC is a Certificate.

Job Placement in CCC Courses?

Countless business openings are being offered to the alumni of the private and public areas. A portion of the open positions which a competitor can discover are enrolled underneath:

Applications support engineer

PC Technician

Information Entry Operator

Application Support Executive

BPO Executive

Administrative centre Executive


Frameworks Officer

PC Operator Junior

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Way to Teach of CCC Classes?

The teaching method of CCC Classes In Varanasi Institutes:

1. Project-Based

2. Best Knowledgeable Teachers teach a student with a projector.

3. Provided a single system for a single student.

4. Time to Time tests is taken with the related course.

5. live presentation

6. Alternate Days Theory, Projects and Practical Session

7. If students miss their lab or class, related video is available on VedantSri Android apps.

Teaching Language in CCC Course?

Basically, the language of the computer is English but you can learn it in English and Hindi.

Does Basic Knowledge Require For CCC Classes?

No, Computer Basic Knowledge isn’t Require For CCC Classes. Since essential information is Taught in the CCC Classes.

Teaching Language in CCC Classes?

Essentially, the language of the PC is English however you can learn it both in English and Hindi.

Does eligibility require For CCC Class?

Yes, If you have completed 10th then you are eligible for CCC Class.

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